What is AutoCAD

AutoCAD use of computer systems

AutoCAD can be defined as the use of computer systems to further in the invention, qualification, optimization of a brew. In this, we can call into existence both 2D and 3D drawings used in fabrication and manufacturing. It was developed by John Walker in 1982 with the help of AUTODESK and maintained it luckily. It is most commonly used for creating and modifying 2D

AutoCAD 360.
AutoCAD 360 is used for 2D, 3D and Isometric view, whereas AutoCAD LT is only used for 2D.

AutoCAD 2000 I (Internet)
AutoCAD 2006 (Work Space is added)
Drafting and Annotation
AutoCAD classic
3D basics
3D modeling
In AutoCAD 2010 (3D quality improvisation).
In 2011, Viewports control systems were added.
In 2012, View cube or Navigation cube was added.
In 2013, icons were added.
In 2014, a live mapping was added.
In 2015, AutoCAD classic was removed from the workspace.
In 2016, a Geometric center, “O snap”, is added.
What do you use AutoCAD for?
The uses of AutoCAD helps to create blueprints for engine valves and engine spare parts for manufacturing with accurate measurement. The designed blueprint will be carried with the job for its complete stages of start to delivery in between production teams, quality team and machine handling teams review the design in case of any issues of understanding and continue machining with the reference of blueprint drafters can be done in two types wiring diagram and a surface model diagram for use in the manufacturing, assembling and repairing of Parts. It’s also used for tracking the number of orders completed in a required time span.

Aerospace calls their final design as an assembly.
Automotive call their final design a Parts design.
Electrical and electronics call their final design as Blueprint and Circuit design.
Rail and marine call their final design as Layout or Blueprint.
Structural and civil call their final design as Layout.

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